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You know that super happy feeling you get when you finally do something you’ve wanted to do pretty much forever? That’s what I’m feeling now as I write this post.

I vividly remember how intriguing I found personal websites when I first began using the Internet in the late 1990s. I really want to channel that kind of candid and special feeling here, of pure self expression away from all of the noisy and polluted social media sites.

For as long as I could make websites, which is quite some time, my ultimate goal was to have my own website to express myself and share what makes me happy, as well as my personal perspectives on topics that I find important. However up until now, I always felt “too busy” making websites for other people to work on my own.

That excuse ends today!

I’ve made the decision to turn this site, that uses my name, into my lifestyle blog. In addition to me wanting to have a lifestyle blog, it has also come to my attention that it is best to separate my business from my name more, so that my business’s brand isn’t tied to who I am on a personal level.

I am so much more than my work, as much as I do love my profession!

After many years, I’ve finally come up with a great business name for my professional WordPress website services. Therefore I will soon be moving my previous articles from this site to the new site when it is ready.

Until then I will begin posting lifestyle articles here. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I’m enjoying writing them!

Stay tuned… and leave a comment below if there’s anything you’d be interested in reading here!


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